Family Engagement

The Columbia-Brazoria ISD School District is committed to making
parents/guardians, community members and educators full partners with CBISD, empowering families to support the early learning and development of children and by providing families educational opportunities and resources to ensure lifelong

In accordance with the Commissioner's Rule 102.1003 (f), CBISD will establish the
following family engagement strategies that are based on best practices research to
support student learning, achievement and family well-being. These practices are proven to demonstrate positive short-term and long-term outcomes for early childhood education. This document highlights the various examples of the multitude of strategies that our campus may select to participate in, based on the individual needs of the students and parents of that campus, which will include the six family engagement plan components. Some activities will meet more than one component and could be applicable to both.

A. Facilitate family-to-family support using strategies such as:

● Activities building positive and productive relationships where families can
learn from each other
● Provide a safe environment at each campus to promote family engagement,
considering the different barriers that hinder family involvement.
● “Meet The Teacher” at the beginning of each year
● Curriculum Information Workshops
● Contacts with every parent from her/his child’s teacher before school begins
by letter or phone call

B. Establishing a network of community resources using strategies such as:

● Build community partnerships with community
● Maintain a relationship with city wide organizations to enhance adult and
child learning
● Provide volunteer opportunities for community partners
● Provide information on Child Find for students
● Host Round-Ups annually for incoming PK and K students and their parents

C. Increase family participation in decision-making using strategies such as:

● Families will be given the opportunity to give input on campus climate
surveys and/or feedback on various programs
● Parents will be included in the District Improvement Committee, as well as
Campus Improvement Committees on each campus

D. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning using
strategies such as:

● Individual family conferences (Phone/Face-to-face) at the end of the first 9
weeks with every Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten parent to discuss their
child’s academic progress
● Providing all Pre-K parents, a yearly calendar in English and Spanish
● Weekly Homework and/or Information letters from teachers
● Remote Learning and Face to Face Learning Support

E. Assist staff in developing skills in evidence-based practices that support
families in meeting their children's learning benchmarks using
strategies such as:

● Provide staff training to ensure that they are building relational capacity with
students and parents
● Provide professional development that focuses on crucial conversations
● Provide knowledge on the importance of family engagement and promote it

F. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous
improvement using strategies such as:

● Set child-centered goals with parents and meet periodically throughout the
year in order to discuss the progress that has been made

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