Early Childhood

2023-2024 District Goals and Objectives    

Bd Approved: 12-2023   

Goal 1: Improve low performing schools and growth on state-mandated assessments in all subjects for all student groups in order to meet or exceed state and federal accountability requirements.


Objective 1: Target Instruction in all content areas what will provide rigor and relevance in order to increase student thinking and increase scores for state mandated tests.


Objective 2: Provide supports and programs to allow students to graduate from high school on time, college and/or career ready.

Objective 3:Improve attendance rate to 95% on all campuses.

Objective 4:Promote strong parental involvement at the district and campus level, with a focus on positive student performance growth.

Objective 5:Provide learning environments that are safe, positive and conducive to learning.

Objective 6:Provide supports for limited English proficient students to become proficient in English to attain increased proficiency in reading/language arts, and mathematics. 

Objective 7:Use formative assessments, performance indicators, and summative TEKS-aligned unit assessments in reading, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies to assess student mastery of district curriculum.

Objective 8:Address the performance-based monitoring system identified issues to increase: 

 passing rates on state assessments for ESL and special education.

Goal 2: Connect students to college or career opportunities.


Objective 1: Provide opportunities for students to enhance their college or career understanding.

Objective 2: Ensure GT students have access to enriched learning experiences.

Goal 3: Build a strong foundation of early literacy and numeracy.


 Objective 1:Ensure a highly- qualified Pre K program is in place that adheres to the state requirements for staffing, training, parent involvement and curriculum requirements.


Objective 2: Ensure systems are in place to assess student needs early, provide strong research based teaching strategies and provide interventions targeting needs. 

Objective 3: Provide resources for teachers to use to conduct guided reading/math, conduct mini lessons and provide small group lessons.

Goal 4: Recruit, support and retain teachers and principals.


Objective 1:Provide a comprehensive system of professional development to provide teachers with high yield strategies, materials and tools to enhance learning at the highest level.

Objective 2:Provide Principals with support to implement the PLC process and support rigorous instruction.

Objective 3:Support and expand student teaching opportunities and other recruiting measures with colleges in the area.


23-24 District Goals Early Childhood

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