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Toby Cohen » How To: Google Drive

How To: Google Drive

Hello and welcome to another CBISD Tutorial , today we will be going over the life-saver that is Google Drive!  
Google Drive is a seriously awesome tool that protects all of your data in the event of a catastrophe, as well as allows you to send files to and from your colleges and students through our network.
It is especially important for keeping your data safe, even if you practice the safest and time-tested methods for keeping your data you never know what could happen, (even as I write this instructional I am saving the progress to the site incase of an unlikely event such as a browser crash or a computer crash I would still have the progress I have entered thus far).
Remember , you can always account for yourself, but you never know what might happen from something else!
                                                                        your laptop is just waiting for you to turn your back before it rejoins its flock
There are two main methods for using Google Drive that we utilize here at CBISD:
Method 1: Google Drive Through The Application
The first method uses the google drive application on your computer or mobile device , (if this is not already installed to your district  provided computer please put in a help ticket and we will attempt to remedy it as soon as possible.)
You can access your drive program one of three different ways, By either finding the Google Drive Icon on your Desktop or your System Tray (in the bottom right near the clock) you may need to click on ^ to see it if it is not visible. Or by opening Google Drive in your system folder.
Opening your Google Drive from the Desktop icon will display the files you have inside just like any other folder on your device, any files moved inside will backup to your cloud storage automatically which is kept secure on your own personal network space incase you need to access it from a different device or reach a backup that is no longer use-able or was removed.
Any file displayed with a green checkbox has been successfully backed up to the drive outside of your computer.
Two blue arrows circling each other means it is currently working on synching the file between the two together to match in both locations.
                        If you see this, google drive is looking for the file you deserve, just not the one you need right now.
Alternatively you can also find this same folder inside
File explorer                               or                                          My computer,           it functions the same way as the desktop shortcut.      
Which brings us to the third way of opening Google Drive with a single left or right click on the Tray Icon will show recent files that have synced (as long as the service is running properly) as well as give you options to open google drive folder or view on web. You can also see sync status on the bottom right corner to see if it has any files left to send to your backup or retrieve from your backup, Google will always make a complete set to match in both locations given enough time when the service is running properly.
 As a KEY NOTE, please pay close attention to your tray icon if it looks like the following:
In the first image, Google Drive is not currently functioning, if this is the case verify your computer is online (such as attempting to visit some websites), then if it still not functional rely on Method 2 for File Backup and Transfer.
In the second image, Google Drive detects an issue with your log-in, please left click this icon to log back into your account , if you are unable to log in, please contact Technology or put in a help desk ticket to be taken care of as soon as possible as your files are not currently syncing, alternatively rely on Method 2 which will work as-is.
Method 2: Google Drive through Web Browser
The Second Method involves accessing google drive online through your chrome browser, it is the same basic principle but this will also give you options to share your files with other people and either let them view them, or modify them for how they are on your machine as well.
in your address bar navigate to
Then click on the Following Button below
the Drive Symbol
 If you are already signed in this next part will go automatically otherwise put in your login credentials like so and hit the Next button
Enter your Password and Sign in
This will take you to your Web Google Drive main page where you can see what has been shared with you as well as upload and download the same files from the application and share existing ones with other people.
 A double left click on any folder will open it just like on your computer as well as open any document or file that it can for larger view. 
To upload files from your computer you'll want to navigate to the action tab at the top labeled "My Drive" and single left click
You can choose to upload files one at a time or the entire folder that contains it.
An alternate method is to simply left click and hold, then drag the file(s) or folder(s) into your browser while logged on 
Google drive and it will upload it from there.
The way to modify or change these files is as easy as right clicking and choosing the action you would like to do with them, You can also choose to download them locally to your machine.
I hope this has been an informative and easy guide to use an amazing program!  Remember,
a file stored in the cloud cannot be lost!