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Toby Cohen » How To: Account Profile

How To: Account Profile

Welcome! To further assist faculty and staff at CBISD I have created this short tutorial on accessing and utilizing each users own personal page profile for the purpose of adding or changing their information or adding e-mail for purposes such as parental contact or web account password reset.

Step 1).
You will need to navigate to the appropriate web site for your person, (each school's website will be different!) If you are in Transport/Administration/Technology/or otherwise would not be considered faculty at one particular school your account will be at

For CHS Use:

For WBJH Use:

For Barrow Use :

For WCE Use :

For WPE Use:

Step 2).
Your Log-in information will be your Staff log-in first.lastname with the default password faculty accounts are set up under. If you don't know this please e-mail me for instructions as I will not be posting password information for security reasons. Alternatively if your password does not work or you cannot access your account please put in a help ticket and I will get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Step 3).
This is your main log-in console page, for this example I have used a CHS Teacher profile account, your page may look different depending on your duties and role in our district. Today we will be focusing just on your personal profile for adding or changing information such as adding your e-mail address so that you can be contacted from your web profile or have a password reset request sent. Please Navigate to the upper right hand corner where you will see an Account icon with a drop down menu when selected, please select and click on Profile.

Step 4).
We have navigated to your Account Profile, Mr Loblaw has never accessed his account so today He will be adding his e-mail as well as a profile picture which will display in the Staff directory and again on his profile when visited by someone other than himself. (Notice for this Step I have circled a very important feature you will want to do as soon as possible for account security, you are more than welcome to change your password to the one your currently use for your computer login, but please keep in mind a password reset for the computer will not currently effect your web log-in, and web passwords can only be reset if you register your e-mail address.) For the time being feel free to select Edit your Profile to see your options for adding an e-mail.

Step 5).
You can update or edit your information here, please note you will not be able to change certain fields such as Username: The E-mail will need to be filled out in order for a contact link to be visible to anyone who clicks on your profile, it is also a requirement if you would like a password reset to your web account. the blue "Additional Information" will allow you to fill out further information, when you are done please remember to click **SAVE*** or it will not update your changes.

Step 6).
If we go back to Account and then Profile once more as seen in step 3, you can also add a picture of yourself to upload to your profile and thumbnail on the staff directory of your site. once you click on the pencil icon you will see a box to either drag and drop a photo or click to select and navigate to where one is located, the photo will give you options to crop as much off as you would like, your image will automatically resize to the appropriate page being viewed displaying it. I hope you have Enjoyed this Tutorial and I will look forward to seeing you for the next one!