Technology at CBISD is an important resource that provides well planned, coordinated support to all of our faculty and students so that they can focus on education. We are here to optimize staff productivity and communication, and provide effective instructional and administrative services where requested and/or needed. CBISD-Tech is here to provide information and resources that empower teachers and students to use technology to improve the teaching/learning process so that all students can reach their full potential. Technology includes all electronic devices that store, compute, communicate and present information, such as computers, phones, projectors, and printers.
Our mission: is to insure effective use of technology for instructional, administrative, and business functions required to deliver high quality educational programs to the district. Our objectives are to:
Optimize uptime and reduce likelihood of issues that may interrupt intended function of devices, as well as repair if and when an event should occur.         
     Provide comprehensive training and support programs for teachers, students, and other staff.
Increase opportunities for students to build necessary skills to gain educational, social, and economic opportunities.
                Understand and predict
           needs for our support functions.
Monitor and enforce safety policy and procedures to insure general well-being and longevity of our equipment and protect our staff and students from malicious intent and activity.
The Department of Information Technology is committed to providing the highest level of service excellence and information technology to the Columbia-Brazoria School District, and we strive to be the standard in tech support for K-12 education.

Technology Department

Support Services 
121 Roustabout Drive
Brazoria, Texas 77422
Ph. 979-799-1700 / 979-345-5147
Fax 979-798-5120