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District Mission Statement and Goals

Columbia-Brazoria ISD Beliefs

  Columbia-Brazoria I.S.D. believes that:

  • Students are our highest priority.
  • High expectations lead to optimum performance.
  • The dignity and worth of every individual must be recognized.
  • All students can learn.
  • Diversity adds dimension to our community and expands our vision and    understanding.
  • Successful education is the shared responsibility of all stakeholders.
  • Working together makes a positive difference in the lives of our children.
  • Students have a right to learn and staff have a right to work in a safe and orderly environment.


Columbia-Brazoria ISD Multi-Year Goals

1.  Curriculum and Instruction:  Student achievement at the highest levels will be facilitated through effective curriculum design (the written curriculum), delivery (teaching), and aligned assessment.

2.  Governance:  The Board/Superintendent leadership team will provide effective leadership to implement comprehensive board policies to lead curriculum management, delineate the roles and responsibilities of the Board, superintendent, and all employees, and ensure quality control and equity.

3.  Staff Development:  Professional development activities will be provided for all employees so that they will be able to improve professional practices in ways that increase student achievement and meet the district's mission and goals.

4.  Facilities and Maintenance Management:  Facilities will be safe, clean, attractive, conducive to learning, and capable of meeting the future educational needs of students through the development, implementation and funding of a plan for facilities development and maintenance.

5.  Planning and Evaluation:  Constancy of purpose and the focusing of resources on district priorities will be facilitated by a comprehensive, systemic, planning process and evaluation process.

6.  Human Resources:  Effective school system management , and the design and delivery of the curriculum will be enhanced through human resource services that recruit, retain, and develop employees.

7.  Student Support Services:  Student Support Services will enhance the overall mission of the district through implementation of services to meet the needs of all stakeholders.


8.  Financial Services:  The resources of the District will be prioritized and aligned to support the District mission and goals.