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*Making up missed school days

CBISD Community,


As all of you are aware, due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey, CBISD was unable to attend school from August 25 through September 12.  The commissioner of Texas Education Agency, Mike Morath, granted a blanket waiver for school districts effected by Harvey.  This waiver covered ten instructional days at 420 instructional minutes per day.  CBISD requested a waiver for the additional two days that were missed during this time.  That waiver was denied.  Additionally, CBISD attends school for 450 minutes per day.  The additional 30 minutes per day that CBISD schools attend are not included in the waiver offered by TEA.  Consequently, this time must be made up in order to meet the time requirements as set forth by statute.


In planning the district calendar for the school year, CBISD attempts to put a calendar together that meets the needs, requirements and expectations of the community.  This includes student holidays and graduation.  Due to flexibility granted to us through the change to instructional minutes required, the district has been able to meet stakeholder needs.  Adding 5 minutes to the end of the day will allow the district to move forward without adding additional instructional days to the end of the year or adjusting scheduled holidays while also keeping built in bad weather days for the spring.

 Therefore, beginning Monday, October 2, CBISD will add 5 minutes to the school day for all campuses. 

Secondary release time will be 2:55

Elementary release time will be 3:50